Capital Manga

Capital: In Manga!

Based on the Classic text by: Karl Marx 

Narrated and Illustrated by: Variety Artworks
Translated by: Guy Yasko 

ISBN: 978-1-926958-19-4 2012 $27.50 USD



As the gap between rich and poor continues to widen, a new generation is reflecting on the insights of Karl Marx. Marx not only stood against the global economic system but he also helped us understand it. He explained how wealth was created on the backs of workers, how "surplus value" is realized and how accumulation is achieved through unpaid labour-time, the intensification of work and the tyranny of credit.

"Capital - In Manga!" is the English translation of the Japanese bestseller. It's a story of a cheese-maker turned capitalist and how greed, exploitation and its social consequences destroys lives and remakes workers into commodities.

It is hoped that this manga may act as a bridge to Marx's original work.