“The true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love.”

Read “The Last Days of Che Guevara: A Graphic Novel”
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Red Quill Books, founded in 2009, is a revolutionary publishing collective that produces critical academic works and radical comix for a mass readership in formats that are accessible and that raise awareness and promote political engagement.


With illustrated works on the last days of revolutionary Che Guevara, Karl Marx’s Capital and the Communist Manifesto.


Books that include a collection of articles by different authors from various backgrounds, including economics, political science, sociology and labour studies.


That are not peer-reviewed that may include course books or radical dispatches, praxis, theory and/or commentaries.




"As well as offering a much needed resource book for the study of the historical importance of police science, the selections of texts combined with the Editorial Introduction will also be a valuable tool for thinking critically about the contemporary politics of police and security"Mark Neocleous
Mark Neocleouson A General Police System
"...making the dynamics of global capitalism accessible without compromising on the complexities..." Sam Gindin
Sam Gindinon Saving Global Capitalism
"I'm rather old now... Claudio has given me back my youth. He interpreted the years when I fought, with joy, together with a multitude of comrades, for a generous idea of democracy. Claudio knows how to show the energy, the wisdom and the hope of that epoch..."Antonio Negri
Antonio Negrion Antonio Negri Illustrated
"As Occupy Wall Street and its sister movements confront the global capitalist crisis with a long-overdue renewal of debate over capitalism... Alternate Routes explores the why's and how's for contemporary societies to do better by going beyond capitalism."Richard D. Wolff
Richard D. Wolffon Uniting Struggles
"Being a collective effort that lays out paths towards intellectual resistance against mainstream discourse on security and along more explicitly radical lines, the volume is an objectively significant development."Georgios Papanicolaou
Georgios Papanicolaouon Anti-Security
"...poses an unshirkable challenge to contemporary research on urban marginality...and moves us towards a reflexive form of activist-scholarship connecting marginal space to radical practice that is accountable to both an academic and activist audience.Margit Mayer
Margit Mayeron Lumpencity: Discourses of Marginality
“...a very timely and provocative work on the recent socio-economic history of Turkey offering new insights on peripheral capitalism and a decisive transformation to market-friendly Islamism.” A. Erinç Yeldan
A. Erinç Yeldanon Silent Violence
“..This book transforms our view of social control. It is undoubtedly the first work to expose a decisive social mutation and reveal to us the logic and the disturbing power of a post-disciplinary, new social control, just as Foucault masterfully revealed to us the logic of disciplinary control.”Robert Castel
Robert Castelon The New Social Control
“The Radical Durkheim, Second Edition is a highly imaginative and rigorous work of theoretical sociology. [...] Pearce explicates and demonstrates a method for theoretical research through his interrogations of Durkheim, Marx and poststructuralism, a rare and necessary contribution to contemporary sociological discourse.”Ronjon Paul Datta
Ronjon Paul Dattaon The Radical Durkheim
“…a great debunking of mainstream myths about Canada’s exceptionalism …This issue is not to be missed by anyone genuinely concerned with critical understanding and radical change.”David McNally
David McNallyon Great Recession-Proof?
"...forcefully insisting that re-creating a new socialist movement is indispensible to alternate exits from the crisis. A valuable guide to researchers and activists alike."Greg Albo
Greg Alboon Capitalism and Confrontation: Critical Readings
"…an extraordinary accomplishment… assembles in one place all of Deleuze's major concepts, and explains them in a manner that is clear, concise, and utterly precise… If Deleuze's work really is, as he often said, a box of tools, then here are the most useful ones, sharpened, tempered, and ready to be put to work." Charles Barbour
Charles Barbouron Demystifying Deleuze
"...[a] thought-provoking collection on contemporary austerity and the attack on labour reveals how divergent interpretations of capitalist crisis frame different understandings of the contemporary crisis of the workers' movement."Bryan D. Palmer
Bryan D. Palmeron From Crisis to Austerity
"...In Bastille Nation, Bérard and Chantraine have produced a very rare thing: a book that combines political passion, meticulous empirical material and the intelligent use of penal and social theory. Unusually too, it takes the reader on a tour of different levels of analysis, from penal politics to the prisoner experience, and from inside the prison to the institutional siblings, social pathways and political forces that determine the lives of the prison’s inhabitants. It is a real tour de force".Ben Crewe
Ben Creweon Bastille Nation
"This book documents some of the key theoretical and activist contributions of the European Group... over its first four decades... [and] demonstrates a sound base to inspire future decades of rigorous scholarship, critique, dissent and activism."Ann Singleton
Ann Singletonon Critique and Dissent
"This book illuminates the ways in which the implementation of [neoliberal] policies has also entailed an intensified militarization of urban space as local police forces--which now include both commercial and nonprofit agents--promote new forms of surveillance, social control and repression within local populations."Neil Brenner
Neil Brenneron Urban (In)Security



“The object of art — like every other product — creates a public which is sensitive to art and enjoys beauty.”

Marx meets manga




Andrew Gayed Awarded 2014 Red Quill Books Graduate Scholarship

The scholarship adjudication committee is pleased to announce that the 2014 Red Quill Books Graduate Scholarship has been awarded to Andrew Gayed, a Canadian-Egyptian, Ottawa-based artist expressing his political freedom through artistic expression and academic research. Completing his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts with a Minor in Women’s and Gender studies, themes of […]

Red Quill Books Event at Avante-Garde in Ottawa

Another great event at Avante-Garde! This is the second time Red Quill Books has teamed up with the Critical Social Research Collaborative and this time we were also joined by the Journal of Prisoners on Prisons. The event coincided with the start of the third annual Critical Perspectives on Crime Conference co-organized by Carleton University […]